HabbyCam Universal Cage review with pics

I feel like no matter how succesful someone get in this industry, we always want a deal when it comes to new gear. Let's face it, photography and videography can get expensive real fast. So the other day, when I was at a local camera store and I saw the HabbyCam cage listed at $120, I was pretty skeptical, but I was also very curious too. Needless to say I bought it.






Heres the full rig. Without camera ofcourse.


As you can see from the picture, the whole unit comes with an industry standard 15mm rail system, as well as a cheese plate. The cheese plate is used to mount various things like external monitors, a lav mic, and anything else really you'd want to mount on the rig. The 15mm rail can take a matte box, as well as a follow focus to build up the complete rig for all your DSLR filming needs.

Close up of the cheese plate mount with cut away hole for various cords





The whole rig is made of lightweight, yet extremely durable polycarbonit, with ceramic rails. It was pretty easy to put together, and all of the screws can be hand tightened and loossend, which makes adjusting the rig pretty easy.

I've mounted the whole rig onto the tripod plate of my Manfroto Fluid Video monopod, and had no issues with weight and or any of the screws becoming loose after a day of filming.


close up of the camera mounting screw on the rig.



Now even though I've praised it alot, there was an issue I had that I wasn't too fond of, but honestly wasn't a big deal. I couldn't mount my Canon 5DMkII with a grip on the rig. You have to take the grip off if you wanna use it with an external monitor, since the grip makes the camera set up to high on the rig, and you can't plug in a HDMI cable with the cheese plate attached. Reason why its not a big deal, the camera sits on the rig in such a way, that you can put in a new battery without having to remove the camera from the rig, so not having a grip just means the whole rig weighs less. That is a good thing.

Overall, I'm very happy with this rig, espicially for the price. I haven't been able to find something much cheaper, for all that you get with this rig, and I can do nothing but reccomend you get it, if youre at all serious about DSLR filming.

Check out http://www.habbycam.com to see their whole lineup and buy yours now!

The HabbyCam Cage in action attached to my Manfroto Fluid Video monopod with a Marshall external monitor, and a Canon 5DMKii


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