Josh Reich or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Noon Sun






I realllly hope everyone who read the title of this blog post gets the joke…

Anyways the other day I had the pleasure of shooting Singer/Songwriter and friend of mine Josh Reich. When we talked about the shoot, he had said he wanted something that had an "Americana/mature feel" to the shot. So before I dive into this photo, let me talk alittle about the first idea for the shot we came up with.






The original idea was to have Josh in a field surrounded by hay bails. I had found a perfect location a couple days ago for the shot that had hundreds of them, but when we got there, oddly enough they were all gone. Time for a plan B. Standing in the now, empty field I look over some bushes only to see this old Chevy bus from the, I would guess, 1950's. I excitingly ran over to the property and began looking for who lived there to ask if we could shoot. Now this "house" seemed alittle… Lots of trash, and lots of "gun supporter, citizen brigade" stickers. I couldn't find anyone to ask, so I went next door. He told me I was lucky to be alive if I went on that guys property. Shocker the guy with the old school bus is also a crazy, gun totin' guy.

Obviously we left, and found a very similar and abandon home with a bunch of old cars. It was even more perfect than the school bus.







So back to the use of a Stanley Kubrick movie title for the blog post. Typically speaking doing a photo shoot in the harsh noon sun is a "NO NO", but for me I like it. Using off camera flash can really take a flat harsh lit scene really open up to something dynamic. Plus having the sun over head is like having a free boom/hair light. The photo above was taken  by putting a strobe way up high angled down to hit the side of the car, and side of his face, with a Calumet 27" beauty dish camera right to light up the shadows on the face that are caused by the high sun.  All and all a simple photo, but with a strong understanding of balancing ambient and flash, can really create a great mood and overall feel for an image. The few shots here are from when I asked Josh to get into the car, which was terribly filled with everything you wouldn't want in a car, but if he can go into the car, then I should too. After all whatever I ask my subject to do something, I better be down to do it too.






Heres another one from alittle earlier in the day, more photos to come!

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