Reel Big Fish Photoshoot

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I was recently given the incredible opportunity to shoot promos with one of my all time favorite bands Reel Big Fish. Before I get into the shoot, let me talk a bit about my past with the band.

I remember being in high school, around 15 or so. I was home from school sick. This particular night, I was up late not being able to sleep from coughing watching MTV. This is when MTV showed music videos, not pregnant teenagers. I then saw the video for the song “Sellout” by Reel Big Fish. I loved it. It was a funny video, that actually told a story, and the song was catchy as hell. I had always been into punk and ska, and RBF, hit all the bulls eyes on the music I liked. The infectious chorus, the horns, the clothes, everything about it, was perfect. I was hooked. After that, I bought all their albums and they became my favorite band.

Fast forward 14 years. I had been to their shows numerous times, so when I got an email from their manager asking for promos with the band, I jumped at the chance. Definitely a “bucket list” shoot for me. I had always wanted to meet the guys, and having the chance to shoot them, was incredible.

The band had a show in DC at the 9:30 club, so my choice of locations was kinda limited. I did the same thing when i shot the band Neon Trees. This shoot was actually pretty difficult for a number of reasons. I got to the location around 1:30 planning to shoot around 2:30. After walking around the 930 club, I decided on an alley next to it, that i could use and not have it look like a typical alley. The building in the center of it, really helped enforce my composition of the band. So i got everything setup, but this couldn’t have been a worse day for a shoot. It was incredibly windy, and to top it off, rain was on the forecast. So about 15 mins before we were set to shoot, sure enough. RAIN. UGH.

So I dragged everything inside and had to regroup. Being a photographer, you really need to be able to adapt to every situation, because chances are, things aren’t going to go your way perfectly.





I found a cool corner, and got some great shots, but still I thought they lacked something…. I peaked my head out to load in door, and to my surprise the wind and rain had stopped. I asked the guys if they were game to shoot outside, and luckily they said yes. I dragged everything outside and got a solid 10 mins of shooting, more than enough time to get the shot i needed.







Ill be honest.

This really is one of my favorite band portraits I’ve ever taken. The sky was perfect, I loved the location, and it was my favorite band. I was so excited about this shoot, and I really am happy it all came out good. After our shoot, I went to the show and did video of their performance, after that, we all went out drinking. i couldn’t believe it was real life, and really was one of the best days of my life.

Thank you so much to Reel Big Fish for taking the time to shoot with me, it meant the world. Check out some backstage pics below with the guys, and see more of the photos with the guys above in the BTS video!

shooting the guys outside of the club in the alley






Backstage with Trombone player Dan Regan after the show in DC







Lead singer Aaron, backstage with girlfriend Crysta






Aaron on stage at the 9:30 club








Me with the guys at the shoot

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