The Ice Cream Parlor

Well, I shot this yesterday, and it got an amazing response. I wanted to write up a quick blog and talk alitle about how I made this picture. You may be alitttle surprised actually….






First of all, the model is one of my closest friends, Yuliya. You've all seen her in my photos so there's no need to really go into that. The clothing was purchased abot 20 mins before the shoot at H&M. Oddly enough I use H&M alot for my shoots, the clothes are good and cheap. I didn't really even have a concept in mind before the shot, all I knew was I wanted bright colors, and ice cream. We picked up the clothes and headed out to a local ice cream stand.


I walked up to the girls working at the stand and asked, would you mind if I took some pictures of my friend using one of your tables?

They said no problem….then I started pulling out my gear….

I could hear them laughing to each other, saying "We didnt know it was going to be like a photoshoot…" but they were nice and let us finish up. To the people that have asked, yes the ice cream was real :)


The original idea was to have yuliya licking the ice cream as it melted down her hand, but it looked alittle…..suspect ;)

I kept the lighting reallllllllly simple using only one softbox (Calumet Illuma medium) and a white lightning strobe. I under-exposed the background by a stop or two, and allowed the harsh 3:00 pm sunlight to come through and light her arm as a rim light. I had yuliya sit in the shade of one of the tables umbrellas and allow her arm to go out of it to create the rim from the sun. Thats pretty much it. haha I think alot of people who saw this thought I had a reall complex lighting setup, but nope, all a pretty simple, on the fly, photoshoot that took about ten mins total. Thanks to my talented team for their hardwork; my MUA Carolina, and model Yuliya. See you guys next time!!









What the ice cream looked like before the heat got to it….




Lighitng Setup

3 thoughts on “The Ice Cream Parlor

    • actually not that much to be honest, just some coloring and sharpening. nothing to amazing its all in the lighting and composition 

  1. Its really amazing when people use simple lighting to create amazing shots, such as this. I would have thought this was much more of a complicated setup. I'd love to see the original shot straight out of camera too, the post processing is great and the photo has a perfect commercial quality to it. 

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