Oh, hello there. My name is Jonathan Thorpe, I’m a commercial portrait and advertising photographer from the Washington DC area. Before becoming the photographer, director, and gentleman you see aboveĀ I was in optometry — a foundation that has helped me do what I love as a full-time professional photographer.

I’ve had the excellent opportunity to work with a number of clients, that list including Nylon Magazine, Mercury Records, BMW, MINI COOPER, FIAT, CBS, Huthwaith, H&M, Adidas, DEF JAM, Red Bull, Bounce Magazine, G.E. Aveda, lululemon, Capitol File Magazine, Vegas Magazine, Ocean Drive Magazine, X-Treme Shock, S Curve Records, Re-up Gang Records, and the always delicious HoneyComb Cereal.

Finally, I would like to thank my partners Tamron, Calumet, and HoldFast for taking care of all my equipment needs so I can focus on creating amazing photographs for my clients.